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Ever since our first day in the profession, we have targeted, researched, invented and applied new technologies with a firm belief in innovation.

We believe that a doctor needs specialization to be successful and experience with a certain kind of operation to ensure fewer complications or unwanted side effects.

In the days when I worked at the Gulhane Military Medical School, we were the first to apply PNL (Percutaneous Nephro Lithotripsy) and URS (ureteroscopy) in Turkey. UROMED became one of the first providers of ESWL treatment in Turkey in 1991, and ELMED is the first producer of ESWL (Kidney Stone Crushing) devices in the country. Previously, these devices required a significant sum of foreign currency. Thanks to our innovations, other devices related to urology were also produced and exported. By helping Turkey become one of the top 5 countries producing ESWL devices in the world, we at ELMED have attracted a huge amount of foreign currency to the country. Today, more than 500 domestic and national stone crushing devices are being used in many hospitals throughout Turkey.

When the KTP laser (Greenlight) method for the treatment of prostate enlargement emerged in 2002, I was one of the few pioneering urologists to apply this method as well.

When flexibile ureteroscopy was developed, I was one of the first to use it in Turkey, and the increasing number of patients made it necessary to set up a team. I therefore started working with Dr. Zafer Tokatlı. Following this, Dr. Yıldırım Yılmaz and Dr. Tahir Zengin also joined our team. Together, we applied Greenlight therapy as well as PNL, URS and Flexibil URS in the treatment of kidney stones. We organized courses so that these methods could also be performed by our colleagues elsewhere. We have conducted over 30 courses, some of which were attended by colleagues from Bulgaria, Serbia, Russia, Libya and Iraq.

After observing the side effects and problems of prostate treatment with Greenlight in many of our patients, we went to Berlin in 2009 to learn about and start applying the HOLEP method. The satisfaction of our patients and our TV appearances made the HOLEP method popular in Turkey.

In those days, HOLEP surgery was not being performed in Istanbul. With the addition of Dr. Mehmet Ferhat from Bakırköy, Bahçelievler Medicana Hospital and Prof. Tolga Akman to our team, we started PNL, RIRS, and HOLEP surgeries and kidney stone treatment in Istanbul. Meanwhile, with Prof. Kemal Sarica, president of the European Urolithiasis association, we established ENDOSTONE, to offer all of the methods available to treat kidney stones. Thus, the RS urology group expanded.

We started working together with the best specialists in the country in other branches of urology, such as urooncology, pediatric urology and andrology.

In 2020, when multiparametric MRI and fusion biopsy methods were developed to diagnose prostate cancer and the number of our patients increased, we started with uroradiologist Prof. Ahmet Tuncay Turgut to apply HIFU treatment with a Sonablate device, which allows us to perform a fusion biopsy of the prostate and non-surgical focal treatment of prostate cancer, at Medicana International Ankara Hospital.

Today, our team administers the latest and most advanced treatments with cutting-edge technologies in all subspecialties of urology to treat growth and cancer of the prostate and kidney stones. Our operations continue in Ankara and Istanbul. 

Prof. Dr. Remzi Sağlam Prof. Dr. Remzi Sağlam
Prof. Dr. Remzi Sağlam